Website Optimization
If I design your site, it will be designed with Search Engine optimization in mind from the beginning to the end of the design process. I will discuss this with you before we begin working on your site. There is no extra charge for this service. It is included in your design package.

If you already have a website that needs some help in the search engine department, I also offer a service to help you increase your search engine rankings. I will first look at your site carefully to see what may be causing it not to rank well. Then I will offer you suggestions and a step by step plan on ways to improve your site to make it more search engine friendly. As you go through the process of "repairing" the site, feel free to email me at any time with questions. Only after your site has been optimized should it be submitted to search engines and/or directories. This is not an "instant" process. Either you or your webmaster can make corrections to the site or I can do it for you.

Search Engine optimization skills take constant study to be up to date on what search engines are looking for in a site. I study this field daily to make sure that I use the most up to date methods for site optimization.


How long will it take before I see an increase in my search engine rankings?

It can take anywhere from several weeks to several months before you see results. There are thousands of sites submitted to search engines each day. The key is having your site optimized and then patience. Rome wasn't built in a day and your site won't be listed that quickly either.

I see lots of links on the web that I can submit my site to that will submit my site to thousands of Search Engines. Is that a good idea?

No, No, a thousand times NO! There are only a few "top" search engines and directories. Many of these "submit your site to 1500 search engines" links are not a good idea at all. They are just submitting your site to FFA (free for all sites) or "link farms". Having your site listed in these link farms can actually hurt your chances for a good ranking in major search engines.If your site is optimized in a way that lets the search engine spiders move freely about your site, you have good relevent content and links to your site from other sites with the same topic as yours, there is no need to submit your site to any search engines. They will find you on their own.

Should I submit my site to directories?

You should submit your site to directories that pertain to your subject matter, geographical location or are industry related . The number of links to your site is not as important as the relevance of the sites linking to you.

I've heard that using invisible text on my site is a good way to increase my chances with search engines. Is this true?

Also a great big no-no. This is considered spamming a search engine and could get you banned. If you hire me to optimize your site, I will ONLY give you information that will help you LEGALLY rank higher. I do not use any spamming techniques in regards to Search Engines.

Can you guarentee I'll be at the top of my category in search engines?

No, I can not. And I would be leery of doing business with any company that does offer guarentees. There are too many variables to deal with to guarentee such a thing. What I can guarentee is that I will offer the best advice to you so that the possiblility is greater to do well in search engines. Some of the variables may be:

  • The content of your site
  • The number of "good" links to your site
  • The number of competitors in your category
  • The legnth of time your site has been online
  • The look and feel of your site (some Search Engines do use humans to actually look at your site to see if it offers any unique content)
  • You may inadvertantly do something to cause your site to not get good rankings (such as unknowingly spam) which I have no control over

What will I get from you if you optimize my site?

  • A consultation and written plan of how you can optimize your site yourself. (package A)
  • Email or telephone support as you go through the optimization process. ( package A)
  • Service after the sale. Even after your site has been optimized , I keep you in mind if I run across a new directory that would increase your link popularity and will advise you of it.
  • I care about my clients and how they are doing and check often to make sure their sites are doing well . You may contact me at any time with questions. I'll get back to you asap.

How much does it cost?

Package A:

The "do it yourself plan"

If you or your webmaster "repairs" your site according to my suggestions, the cost is $150

  • Detailed Suggestions for improving the website (written report and guidelines to follow)

*note: This is a great plan if you'd like to save money and do it yourself, but keep in mind that there is a lot of work involved on your / your webmaster's part. Please confer with your webmaster's hourly rate to make changes to the site.*

Package B:

The "Ambiance does it all" plan

With this package, I do all of the work for you...

I will "grab" the site and rework each page of the site for maximum search engine optimization, also clean up any html problems with the site then send the files to you to upload or upload them for you if you'd prefer.

Cost: $35 per hour