Because I provide custom designs for sites based on the clients own specifications, the following are basic costs for an original and unique design. The site design prices reflect basic page layout and do not include design of new graphics, editing of graphics or photographs, specially installed and configured cgi or javasciripts,creating flash files or revision of text copy. Each site is unique, therefore must be quoted on a case by case basis. These baseline prices are for new sites only. Additions of ecommerce for sites will be quoted to prospective clients after I have the complete requirements of your site. Renovations are also quoted on a case by case basis. Because we believe in working closely with our clients, an accurate quote can be given only after we have discussed your unique needs in design in detail.

Small Business Site Consisting of 2 Pages ... $275+ (depending on client requirements)

Basic Business Site Consisting of 5 Pages... $450+ (depending on client requirements)

Large Business Site of 8 Pages ... $800 + (depending on client requirements)

Custom template for use in designing your own site, including a header graphic.....$250+(depending on client requirements)

Search Engine optimization of your present site....see SEO Page

"Cleaning up" of graphics and photographs for use on the web, including removing backgrounds, resizing and optimizing of graphics and photographs, converting formats for web and print....$35 per hour

Graphic design including header graphics and custom banner design ...$35 per hour